Why Aluminium

Why Aluminium

Why Aluminium

Looking at recent history, one of the metals that have increased its application areas drastically is the aluminum. It becomes an essential part of our daily lives. Lucky to humankind, aluminum is the third most abundant element on the earth’s crust.

Aluminum’s high strength with respect to its weight makes it attractive in so many different applications. These prominent properties come with its ability to form alloys with other metals like magnesium, silicon, manganese, zinc, and copper. The new mixture can give aluminum higher strength, brilliance, ductility and formability. When mixed in appropriate portions, aluminum’s strength can equal that of steel, yet its weight is still only one-third of the weight of steel.

If we want to write the first properties of aluminum that spring to mind;

– Strong and light (1/3 of steel)

– Easy to re-cycle (About of aluminum ever produced is still in use)

– Sustainable (Only of the energy required to produce the primary aluminum initially is needed in the recycling process)

– Easy to form (Thanks to its ductility and low-melting-point properties which enables processing in hot and cold condition)

– Long Life-Low maintenance (thanks to its corrosion resistant property)

– Fireproof (Melt at 660°C without releasing gas)

– Good at transferring heat and electricity (Twice as good a conductor as copper)

– Good at reflector (ability to reflect light and heat)