Application Industries

Application Industries

Application Industries

The industrial change will be one of the challenges of the 21st century which is linked to globalization, digital change, and energy evolution. Automotive, one of the main drivers of industrial production will be one of the utmost affected sectors. The four automotive megatrends that will continue to change the industry are mobility, Autonomous driving, Digitization, and Electrification. The last is due to the increasing regulatory pressure and accelerating technology. At this point, aluminum comes up as a solution for this drastic change.

Kalibre Group, expands its 40-years’ experience in the automotive sector to aluminum, thus serving his customers in this new era of change.

Since the group sees the area as a strategic movement which builds the future of the company, directs the funds to create state of the art technology enabled factory. Having two different sized extrusion lines (7’ & 8’) and an increasing number of machining centers, enables Kalibre Aluminum as a trusted and qualified partner in the global automotive industry. We continually analyze and improve our multi-pallet vertical and horizontal CNC machining processes which in turn also results in highly accurate, consistent components to our customers. As a result, Kalibre Aluminum has become a significant supplier of aluminum profiles, and aluminum semi-finished and finished products, to the automotive industry.

In the 1890s, the first aluminum used parts were used in the railway industry. Some of the railway companies of that time began producing special lightweight passenger railcars with aluminum seats.

It is 1980’s that aluminum is used in suburban transportation and high-speed trains, which benefited from lower running costs and improved acceleration. Today aluminum metros and trams operate in many countries. “The Iron Way” designating the railways start to change to “Aluminum Way”.

Aluminum is an exceptional materials option for manufacturers needing a lightweight, durable metal. The frame is the core structure of the bicycle & motorcycle and this is perhaps the most common area that aluminum used in the modern bicycle industry. Certainly, there are also other various parts that it is widely used. Aluminum as a material isn't very dense so it can be formed into lightweight structures, making it perfect for bike frames.

With the planet striving to meet the carbon emissions targets, renewable energy like solar is essential. Among all of the renewable sources of energy, the sun is the most abundant and most renewable source that provides the energy we need. Quality and physical properties of materials that are used in solar systems determine the efficiency of each solar system. Aluminum’s proven performance in transportation, building, and construction, and thousands of other applications have made extrusions an obvious choice for solar frames and mounting systems. The designers today replace steel with aluminum to take advantage of material’s lightweight, high strength, proper corrosion properties, high surface reflectivity, excellent electrical and thermal conductivities.