Extrusion of Aluminum

Extrusion of Aluminum

Extrusion of Aluminum

The life of aluminum starts from the raw material phase, namely bauxite which is mined from a few meters below the ground. After the grinding of bauxite, alumina (aluminum oxide) is derived via refining of bauxite. After heating and filtering, the alumina is dried to a white powder. This powder is used in the electrification process. The result is liquid aluminum. After casting this aluminum, the ingots which are used in extrusion are formed.

The extrusion process is very simply designed but offers countless application opportunities. In the process, the ingot is heated and pressed through a shaped die. Like squeezing toothpaste out of a tube.

The extruded profiles are then drawn out onto a receiving table where they stored for a while and allowed to cool. They are then tempered and cut to a specified length. After then, if required it is possible to perform a surface finish.

The life does not end here. The development in computer-aided machining undeniable. Today, the industry has the opportunity to use 7-8 axis CNC machining centers. Via using these state of the art machining centers, the extruded profiles machined according to design requirements.

Kalibre Aluminum with its two different sized extrusion machines and day by day increasing number of state of the art machining centers ready to serve its customers at its best as profiles or end-use parts…

– L-Profiles

– Flat bar profiles

– Round, rectangular and square tubes

– T-Profiles

– U-Profiles

All profiles are produced according to the European standard EN 573-3 from the following alloys:

– EN AW 6060 (AlMgSi)

– EN AW 6063 (AlMg0,7Si)

– EN AW 6005 (AlSiMg)

– EN AW 6082 (AlSi1MgMn)

Kalibre Aluminum was born with an extensive amount of experience in the sector. Kalibre Boru, flagship of the Group, was born in 1978, now one of the big producers of precision tubes in Turkey. This worthful experience has passed to newborn Kalibre Aluminum plant.

Seeing the trends in the automotive sector, the Group decided to direct the investment budget to Kalibre Aluminum and approved a 10 mn€ investment which consists of expanding to the current production closed area to double and establishing a new extrusion line of 8’ with the last technology installed on.

Precision CNC machining is the key element to serve our customers since they have the control under one roof production. Investing in state of the art 3-4 and 5 axis CNC working centers enables us to produce even the most complex parts. We are ready to manufacture custom aluminum parts for today’s innovative products.

Increasing efficiency and improving performance is our daily job to be competitive in our business life. To be successful on this, we continually analyze and improve our multi-pallet vertical and horizontal CNC machining processes which in turn also results in highly accurate, consistent components to our customers. Strategic investments in new equipment, along with skilled employees, ensure we remain a strong machining partner that keeps pace with your production demands.

Not last but least, if the aluminum part needs additional fabrication, such as milling, chamfering, drilling, precision cutting, punching, custom bending, Kalibre Aluminum has the capability to offer a complete fabrication solution via state-of-the-art technology and an experienced team.